Collagen Facemask


Collagen face mask containing gold powder
>>>Whitening, Moisturizing, Firm Skin, Weaken Wrinkles, Anti-aging
Moisturizing, whitening
Restore elasticity, slower aging
Firm skin, repair fine lines
Soften hair, brighten hair
Shrink pores, fade blackspot
Repair the damaged skin and realize skin rejuvenation
Stimulate cells regeneration, prevent melanin growth
How To Use:
1.Cleans face.
2.After opening the foil package and peel off the plastic liner, for the best result, use the facial mask immediately after opening the foil package.
3.Apply the mask evenly to the face to ensure good contact with the skin.
4.Wear the facial mask for about 20-30 minutes before removing (recommended to lie or sit down to avoid shifting).
5.Lightly massage the remainder of the mask into the skin until it is completely absorbed.
6.Recommended twice weekly before bedtime.

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